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Believing in what we do

oXya applies the highest standards of professional ethics to the management of our personnel, our interactions with customers, our social responsibilities, and our responsibilities towards the environment.

The following have been our formal core values since 1998.

Technical expertise
  • Always seek to provide value-add to our customers.
  • Maintain high level of expertise that is recognized in the market.
  • Constantly enhance our knowledge and expertise.
  • Always listen to our customers and be reactive to fill their needs.
  • At all levels, devote time to others and make yourself available to them.
  • Create a relationship of trust with our clients, in which technical rigor trumps business goals.
  • Respect each other's work and avoid hasty judgment.
  • Maintain humility in our work, which is necessary to listening.
  • Promote both individuality and teamwork.
  • Foster creativity and leave room for initiatives.
  • Engage with customers and take responsibility, both individually and jointly, in our daily work.
  • Create an atmosphere of trust so everyone can fully express their qualities.
  • Maintain healthy work/life balance .


In addition, oXya believes in and promotes the following:

Professional Ethics

We maintain high standards of business ethics, as we believe that mutual confidence and respect are the best guarantees of long term and successful relationships with our employees, customers and business partners.

Social Responsibility

We believe the collective intelligence and personal wellbeing of our employees is our main asset. oXya is a friendly business with a place for everyone. In our simple and straightforward organization structure, decisions are made quickly and employees evolve in a confident and dynamic environment which allows them to fully express their qualities.

Green IT

Sustainable development can generate new opportunities. Through technical innovation and in an effort to increase its energy efficiency, oXya contributes to reducing global climate change. We continually review our policies to promote the use of renewable resources and limit the use of natural resources. For example, we heat our office space using heat from the computer rooms. We encourage all our staff to adopt sustainable practices, such as limiting their printing and recycling batteries.