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oXya Biennial Customer Satisfaction Survey, Summer 2018

In June 2018, oXya conducted its biennial customer satisfaction survey among all of its customers. The survey was conducted by a specialized firm. Customer participation rate was over 46%, and customers gave their feedback on their level of satisfaction, as well as expectations of oXya.

Excellent results

oXya’s excellent level of services are confirmed each biennial survey – 99% of customers in 2018 are satisfied with their partnership with oXya, across all geographical locations. This is an increase, compared with 98% of customers in the survey held two years ago, in the Summer of 2016.

oXya obtains an overall satisfaction score of 8.4 (out of 10). oXya maintains very high scores across multiple areas covered in the survey. Since oXya has been growing rapidly in recent years, this survey proves that oXya manages to grow very fast, and still maintain—and even improve—it’s extremely high level of services and customer satisfaction.

oXya as your partner for SAP Managed Cloud Services

Customers give oXya a rating of above 8/10 on having oXya as their true and preferred Managed Cloud Services partner, telling us we meet their expectations.

Customers say oXya services guarantee the reliability and security of their information systems. Moreover, customers see oXya as a partner which listens to their needs and which keeps its commitments. oXya meets customers’ expectations for proactivity, as well as advice on possible technical optimization.

In addition, oXya meets customers’ services needs beyond their SAP systems.

Highly valued partnership relationship

oXya customers give a score of 8.7/10 to the ongoing dialogue with oXya; the relationship with oXya interlocutors is mentioned as a salient point of satisfaction. Customers also give high scores to the availability and responsiveness of various oXya stakeholders.

Customers appreciate having interlocutors who know them well, are servicing them over a long period of time, and are able to handle any type of request. Customers attribute the quality of these relationships to oXya's operational model, of an assigned team to each specific customer, plus oXya’s intrinsic service culture:

  • “The simplicity of dialogue with the competent oXya interlocutors is just disconcerting. I don’t think we can make it any easier! Thank You oXya.”
  • “Beyond the quality of technical services, we also appreciate the quality of personal relationships that are always transparent and sincere.”
  • “OXya is an available partner, listening to its customer.”

Expertise, Responsiveness and Trust – cornerstones of oXya customer satisfaction

When asked how they would describe oXya, more than 60% of surveyed customers mentioned “Expertise”, with “Responsiveness” and “Trust” coming shortly afterwards.

When asked about oXya in the aspect of implementing new and advanced technologies, customers expressed their full confidence that oXya and its services can provide them with the newest technologies in the market. Some testimonials include:

  • “oXya is a unique partner in the sense that it adapts to customer's context and does not lose two essential qualities – expertise and responsiveness.”
  • “Service is the point, attentive to customer needs and reliable. The team has the right level of SAP expertise so that I can sleep well at night and focus on solving business issues. oXya is a strategic partner for us.”

oXya as a Trusted Partner to help face technological challenges

90% of customers believe oXya gives them the agility they need to adapt to changing market conditions.

97% express their full confidence in oXya to accompany them in a migration to SAP HANA or SAP S/4HANA.

79% consider oXya as agile on cloud solutions and 78% trust oXya to help them migrate to the Public Cloud.

Delivery excellence

Following up on customers’ requests for improvements, oXya continues to consolidate and improve its service delivery.

In the Summer of 2018 survey, customers testified to a significant improvement in management of critical events, both in general and in specific areas such as incident detection, responsiveness to incident, time to resolution, and oXya team’s communications with the customer during and after the incident.

Customers also reaffirmed their commitment to regular Steering Committee meetings, which are periodic meetings that include executives from both customer & oXya. 93% of customers surveyed are satisfied with these meetings; customers reaffirm meetings’ importance for assessment and exchange of ideas and feedback with decision-makers, to guarantee a quality, high-level follow-up.

oXya is well positioned vs. the competition

Customers believe that oXya is well positioned vs. its competition and give oXya higher performance grades on various items: customer relationship, responsiveness, agility, know-how and expertise, compliance commitments, incident management, and innovation.

More concrete, and for the same reasons, 96% of customers perceive an improvement in the quality of service they receive, since moving to oXya from a different provider. Sample quotes include:

  • “Better contact with customer, dedicated team, great effort of the team members.”
  • “Listening, know-how and expertise on SAP, agility that is required to accompany us in our digital transformation.”

oXya always acclaimed by its customers

To conclude, 99% of oXya customers recommend oXya and reinforce this with testimonials:

  • “I have been working with oXya for more than 10 years, and particularly appreciate the commitment and quality of the services provided by oXya.”
  • “Solid partner with great expertise and easy to do business with.”
  • “A great company that can be considered a committed partner.”
  • “I'm very happy we are working with oXya already for many years. It makes our life much easier.”