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“Mobility is no longer just for technology leaders; it is a fundamental part of running a successful and relevant business Mobile commerce is set to explode

An estimated 87% of the world population owns a mobile phone. We take a look at why mobile is rapidly becoming  essential for businesses and the effect that this has on the SAP community.

It’s Global

An estimated 87% of the world population owns a mobile phone. With the majority of usage in Europe, Asia and America. As these devices are getting smaller and smarter, they are becoming a bigger part of business. Smartphone and Tablets are overtaking PC Sales.  Research firm Gartner estimates that  70% of devices sold worldwide in 2012 will be “Smart Devices” with a prediction of 1.2bn could be sold worldwide in 2013.

Your smart phone is always with you and always accessible  As these devices are increasingly becoming essential to our personal lives; employees and customers are expecting them to become part of their professional lives too.

It’s catching on across industries

Including: Banking, Retail, Travel, Automotive and Media.
Consumers are already using mobile apps to access their bank details, discover new places and catch up on the latest news; businesses need to remain on-trend and utilise mobile to ensure they don’t fall behind their competitors. This applies to both B2E and B2C applications.

“The explosion of connected devices in every aspect of our personal and professional lives presents a huge opportunity in applications and application development”

Sanjay Poonen,SAP president of Tech and innovation .

Banks are using Mobile Commerce to send consumers payment reminders and balance warnings; SAP mobile platform is allowing employees and their managers to submit/respond to leave and travel requests on the go.

It delivers new value to customers

Apps, Payments, Internet, Email, SMS, Social, Games and Banking are all available through mobile.“engaging consumers through their mobile devices” is a high priority for customers. Mobile can help your business  forge direct, closer relationships with consumers and employees alike.

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