SAP hosting and managed services

Sap Certified SAP Certified in Hosting services

On-Shore / Near-Shore Support

oXya offers local support teams of SAP experts, dedicated to your account, providing 24/7 support in Americas, Europe and Asia.

The benefits of oXya's local support

  • Local, dedicated technical support teams, who know you personally.
  • Support is provided in your language; no more language challenges with support teams on the other side of the globe.
  • Hosting your data in an appropriate jurisdiction.


  • Support centers in New Jersey, Denver (US) and Montreal (Canada) covering all of the Americas, with support staff speaking English, Spanish and French.
  • Data centers on the East and West coasts (US) provide full disaster recovery.


  • Support centers in the UK, France and Belgium covering all of Europe, with support staff speaking English and French.
  • Data centers in Lille and Paris (France) providing full disaster recovery.


  • Support center in Shanghai (China) covering China and the Pacific, with support staff speaking Mandarin and English.
  • Two data centers in the region provide full disaster recovery.


As you grow as a global business and need to coordinate operations in many different countries, oXya can help you ensure that your IT systems grow with your company: Unicode conversions, design of new technical architectures, and much more.
oXya can also provide intensive 24/7 support for complex projects by coordinating support teams working in different time zones.