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On-Shore / Near-Shore Support - Backup

oXya is the ideal hosting partner for multi-national clients, providing local support teams and 24/7 hosting infrastructures in America, Europe and Asia.

Nearshore outsourcing
Whether you are in China, Europe or the Far East, oXya will provide you with a support team that knows you personally, is located in a similar time zone, which understands your local culture, and which can host your data in an appropriate jurisdiction. We provide local technical support because we believe that the relationship with our customers lies at the heart of everything we do. 

Follow the sun support
We can provide intensive 24/7 support for complex projects by co-ordinating the work of oXya support teams working in different time zones.

As you grow as a global business, it is likely that you will find yourself trying to co-ordinate your operations which may be located in many different countries. Whether you need help with Unicode conversions or with the design of new technical architectures, oXya can help you ensure that your IT systems grow with your company.


oXya World Map

oXya uses its own data centres in Lille and Paris, providing full disaster recovery. These are backed by 24/7 monitoring teams in Paris and Lille and local technical support centres in the UK, Belgium and six locations in France.

Our New Jersey office speaks English, French and Spanish and provides technical support and administration services throughout the Americas. Co-located data centres on the east and west coasts support full disaster recovery.

Our Mandarin speaking account management and technical support team is based in Shanghai, covering China and the Pacific, with two co-located data centres supporting full disaster recovery where required.