SAP hosting and managed services

Sap Certified SAP Certified in Hosting services

oXya Services: Flexibility to Grow

Our team of experienced and highly skilled SAP professionals runs SAP applications more efficiently and more smoothly than in-house IT organizations.

This expertise is the foundation for the following set of services that oXya provides:

  • Technical services to help you build and migrate to a new SAP environment, convert to SAP HANA, or add a new SAP module nondisruptively.
  • oXya Run Management Service runs all of your SAP applications and databases and delivers guaranteed service levels.
  • oXya Cloud Delivered Service provides the Run Management service, and also delivers the infrastructure for SAP in a predictable opex cost model.
  • Services for non-SAP environments provides infrastructure and support for non-SAP applications, whether the customer has an SAP landscape or not.