SAP hosting and managed services

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SAP Managed Cloud Services

oXya specializes in the technical side of SAP and provides managed services for mission-critical SAP systems.
We run SAP and other business-critical workloads for hundreds of large and mid-size enterprizes, on whichever platform each of our customers prefers: private cloud, community cloud, or a variety of public clouds.

We work closely with the three largest public cloud providers:

oXya has multiple customers running SAP and other critical workloads on each of these public clouds.

oXya also serves as an objective and independent consultant, helping our customers choose the best platform for them, based on their specific business needs, SLAs, and cost constraints. We do not have a preference for one cloud or another (our public cloud partners are listed in alphabetical order).

Many of our customers use a hybrid cloud, combining private and public clouds to achieve best SLAs and price. oXya has the expertise to orchestrate your SAP systems across multiple clouds, to achieve great performance, meet customers SLAs, and optimize costs.